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How I build a board what can be seen only if you are signed in? It should be open for every member but only for the members.I know how to build a board and grand access but I don't want to add all the members manually.
by Trusted Contributor Trusted Contributor in Li Discussions latest reply 35m ago
Hi all, Is there anywhere I can find some sort of glossary/index of core component IDs and text keys please? For example, I am trying to override the labels and urls of some of the common.widget.user-navigation component and cannot find anything in t...
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Li Discussions latest reply 4 hours ago
Hi,Problem:If latest posts to the community are posted to the same threadThis feed --> t5/forums/recentpostspage are full of them and it isn't so useful feed to useThis feed --> t5/forums/recentpostspage/post-type/thread displays only the latest thre...
by Trusted Contributor Trusted Contributor in Li Discussions latest reply 6 hours ago
Is there somewhere that we can get a copy of the slide decks that were used for the various presentations at CX Live?
by cgrinton New Commentator in CX Live'18 Live event group latest reply yesterday
I just entered my first reply to a discussion post and attempted to paste in a screenshot which did nothing. Is this functionality not available? Is it coming soon? This feels very basic and am hoping our users will have this when we launch. Thanks f...
by jomyke New Commentator in Li Discussions latest reply yesterday
Happy 10th Anniversary, Lithosphere!
Welcome to the Lithosphere

Welcome to the Lithosphere!

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