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In our current community we run AMA (ask me anything) sessions and it tells us when someone it typing or we need to refresh. We are moving to Lithium and still would like to run the AMAs however, it does not look like Lithium warns you to refresh whe...
by Kathi_Intuit New Commentator in Li Discussions posted on 4 hours ago
Hello, guys.By any chance, you know if it is possible to identify who is the user who added a tag in a post?There is somebody using the tags for SPAM messages in our community, and we don't know how to identify who is the user adding these tags. Than...
by Frequent Commentator Frequent Commentator in Li Discussions latest reply 11 hours ago
I’m excited to announce the beta rollout of category subscriptions on Lithosphere. Subscribing and keeping track of new content is one of the primary ways for a community to increase the engagement and ‘stickiness’ of their user base. If a user is in...
by Lithium Staff VinhJ Lithium Staff in Li Blog latest reply 17 hours ago
As I am sure you can imagine there is a lot going on around here at the moment, aside from a bunch of back-end changes I wanted to call out some of our recent changes to the user experience here on the community. Last month we enabled Promoted Search...
by Community Manager Community Manager in Lithium's View Blog latest reply 17 hours ago
Hi All, A similar discussion today led me to post this question here. It's about the recent development with (chat) bots and community integration. I am convinced there are opportunities to simplify certain forum tasks, create opportunity for educati...
by Honored Contributor Honored Contributor in Strategy latest reply yesterday
Welcome to the Lithosphere

Welcome to the Lithosphere!

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