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We’re celebrating the 10-year launch of our very own community, the Lithosphere! Prior to being a Lithium employee, I was a Lithium Community customer, so I’ve seen the value of branded communities from both sides of the coin. Bottom line: communitie...
by Lithium Technologies PeteH Lithium Technologies in Lithium's View Blog latest reply an hour ago
Hi there,currently, we are facing the challenge to extend Login possibilities for users for a community that is to be migrated from Jive-X to Lithium. Jive-X offers authentication via Google, Facebook and after some customizing even with a custom ID ...
by Valued Contributor Valued Contributor in Li Discussions posted on 4 hours ago
Hello!I am a moderator on the PowerSchool Community ( If you search for an article, i.e. 'adding items to an exam,' you get the video and the article that most people would want. But, if you search 'add items to an exam...
by joshkinn New Commentator in Li Discussions latest reply 5 hours ago
Hello all Does anyone know where I can tweak the setting so that the SSO does not validate against upper/lower case characters in the username? Thanks in advance-Matt
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Li Discussions posted on 5 hours ago
HiI am a software developer at CaaStle Inc. We are looking to develop a community for our e-commerce retail business, where customers can engage with each other and help other decide on apparels purchase decisions. I have a list of pillars for commun...
by Occasional Contributor shrutipanwar22 Occasional Contributor in Li Discussions latest reply yesterday
Happy 10th Anniversary, Lithosphere!
Welcome to the Lithosphere

Welcome to the Lithosphere!

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