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Hello. I am currently searching information about this topic.Does anyone know good information to read about how to Build Customer Loyalty och customer commitment with a Customer Community? Or if anyone can answer this question I'd be happy. Thanks.
by hermelinen New Commentator in Strategy latest reply 2 weeks ago
Hello,How do I apply a superuser icon without the member losing their current rank/icon? For example some Lithium members have their rank ladder icon "Honored Contributor" on left and special "rockstar" icon on right but it appears they still have th...
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Strategy latest reply 3 weeks ago
We want to begin a superuser program next year. I know there are great resources for how in the certification booklet. I am looking for some real life insight.What percentage of members are your superusers? What is your budget per superusers for swag...
by Occasional Contributor mhock Occasional Contributor in Strategy posted on a month ago
Hoping to reach out and get some information on how (if) I can download archived topics and posts, as well as user data so that I can start to analyse and mine historical posts for trends, language etc etc.Looking to use the data to iteratively impro...
by Advisor Advisor in Strategy latest reply ‎September 19, 2018 5:56 PM
Lithium recommends that we prepare Employee Guidelines prior to the launch of our Community. My understanding is that Employee Guidelines are an addendum to the User Guidelines of a community and include additional items that employees should follow ...
by Valued Contributor Valued Contributor in Strategy latest reply ‎September 17, 2018 2:07 PM

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