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Here's a conundrum that we face as community practitioners...Host blogs in your community? Host blogs on your marketing/company website?Host blogs on community and website?!Has anyone ever encountered a treatise or something that clearly outlines the...
by jordazzle New Commentator in Strategy latest reply Tuesday
Hi All, A similar discussion today led me to post this question here. It's about the recent development with (chat) bots and community integration. I am convinced there are opportunities to simplify certain forum tasks, create opportunity for educati...
by Honored Contributor Honored Contributor in Strategy latest reply a week ago
We are trying to figure out how much community activity had been driven by our employees compared to our external community members for the last 12 months. I tried to pull how many posts were created by internal employees vs. external members by filt...
by Valued Contributor Valued Contributor in Strategy latest reply 3 weeks ago
Before I delve into today’s topic, let me share an exciting announcement. Last week Lithium launched the first feature of our Premium Gamification products. The Badging feature is just the first of many more that we plan to add to our already robust ...
by Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired) in Science of Social Blog latest reply ‎January 18, 2019 7:22 AM
Hey all! I'm looking for the most straightforward way to measure Weekly Active Users (WAU) and Monthly Active Users (MAU). Our criteria for 'active' is posted a member who has logged in and submitted ≥ 1 posts within the last 7 or 30 days. I'm figuri...
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Strategy latest reply ‎January 16, 2019 9:03 AM

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