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Important Facebook Business Manager Updates

Lithium Staff JessicaS
Lithium Staff

You need to be equipped to provide customers with a seamless experience every time, and everywhere they reach out. Our upcoming SMM release will include an update that ensures you can identify individual customers across brand-owned Facebook pages and apps. You will need to start using Facebook Business Manager ahead of this update in order to perform customer identification. Below are a few key things you should know about Business Manager and how you can get set up. 

What are the benefits of using Business Manager?

Business Manager is useful for both large and small teams working across one or many pages. It helps coordinate essential page activities, including:

  • Understanding which activities improve your business’s performance and influence with key page and audience insights
  • Keeping work out of your personal life with improved security and separate business and personal Facebook profiles for you and your team members
  • Making it easier to see who’s working on what by centralizing  your business' Ad accounts, Pages, and the people who work on them

How does customer identification work?

Business Manager provides Lithium SMM a way to retrieve unique IDs for the same person interacting on any of the pages and apps associated with a business account. This provides a few key advantages to your teams:

  • Gives an aggregated view of the customer’s information and interactions
  • Enables you to retrieve customer account details from your CRM
  • Allows you to continue a customer interaction across multiple pages
  • Enables a bot to engage a customer across multiple pages

How can I learn more about getting set up with Business Manager?

  • You can read more about creating an account here
  • Learn more about managing people, settings, and assets here
  • And you can read about managing pages here
Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

This sounds really good Jessica.  We've been looking at a way of managing access to our Facebook pages and this would answer a number of questions.

New Commentator

A mi me cuesta mucho. Esto para un sector como el mio que es la cerrajería, lo veo complicado, o tendría que contratar a alguien  para que me ayudara.

Pero muchas gracias por la información.