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Sky’s Peer to Peer Community makes sound business sense, deflecting some calls and shortening others

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

This is Sky's entry in the B2C Support category of the Forrester Research Groundswell Awards 2012. Visit the Groundswell site for more info.


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Sky's Peer-to-Peer Community Story 

Sky’s Social Support is a unique, fully integrated social customer support program combining Sky Help Forum, Facebook, Twitter, and Live Chat.  Launched in Oct 2010, Sky Help Forum is powered by Lithium and provides customers with 24x7 online self- service where they can raise simple and more complex issues that are answered by staff & community members. The community currently handles over 1M thread views per week, with 13,500+ new questions submitted monthly that are answered on average within 720mins.


Realizing the potential to leverage existing social technologies to enhance support services, Help Services via Facebook and Twitter were launched in March 2011. Both Facebook and Twitter are now integrated into the overall community offering, and have seen massive increases in activity and leading response times.  Facebook interactions have increased from 4 a week to an average of 250 per day, with response times of approximately 8 mins; whilst Twitter has exploded from 4 interactions a week to 450 per day, answered in less than 5 mins on average.


In Feb 2012 became the first UK provider to offer 1:1 escalation via live chat services, with customer satisfaction currently at 87%.



What it MeansSky Community Screen Shot

Sky’s ethos of service is second to none. The success of the program and uptake of the services has been due to the clarity of purpose - customers getting help and support and not being bombarded with non-relevant messages. With pure organic growth since its inception, the social support service handles more than 35,000 direct interactions monthly.


A dedicated team of 30 customer support representatives service all four support channels along with a newly launched (Jun 2012) superuser program to include 8 customer advocates. The superuser** program has seen a 250% increase in contribution to content and support to the community. Similarly, NPS for both Twitter and Chat Services has increased to 61 and 64 respectively.


Savings through call deflection have also been significant, with calls on average being 1 minute 48 seconds shorter following a visit to the Help Forum; and almost 25%* of surveyed community visitors stating they no longer need to call at all.


Sharon Reeves, Director of Assisted Service says, “Even outside of the 25% of Forum visitors who achieve what they came for on our Forum, and so don’t need to call us at all; over a one month period, customers using our Forum had an average 1min 48sec shorter duration over 19k calls – that equates to over 570 hours, and would have meant an additional 10 team members.  Those contributions from our superusers and forum members have a vital role to play in delivering great service cross-channel.” 


With the help of Lithium, Sky is constantly looking to deliver on their customer promise to ‘Believe in Better’.


* 24.4% average over the last 12 months


**Superusers, also known as "Superfans" are a brands best influencers, evangelists and advocates. An impassioned corps, armed with deep real world knowledge, and a die-hard attitude, lifting a brand above the noise and into the thoughts of millions. Lithium communities have more superfans than any other platform. Superfans, based on the 90/9/1 rule, states that 1% of people create content, 9% edit or modify that content, and 90% view the content without contributing. The Lithium platform specalizes in finding and engaging that 1% and turning them into a brands own band of superfans.





Erin Korogodsky is Lithium's social media quarterback.  Obsessed with social media, Erin has worked with Lithium clients to monitor their brands and brainstorm social strategy, with a focus on enlisting and engaging passionate fans.  She is a frequent blogger on the Lithosphere (as ErinKoro) and you can follow her on twitter at @erinkoro and one of the team on @LithiumTech.