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Announcing Product Hubs

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Community Manager

I am excited to announce that we have launched the Beta SMM and Community “Product Hubs” to all users!


There are 3 entry-types on these pages:

  • Logged out
  • Logged in but without customer access
  • Full customer access

Depending on whether you are signed in or not, and your role on the community, the product page will show an announcement and the associated product video from our .com page. 


The main difference between logged out and logged in without the Lithium or Customer roles is the announcement text which points out that the users now have access to the Developer Documentation along with a link which opens a pre-populated email (To:, Subject and Body) requesting access to the customer areas. The link to the pre-populated email will also be rolled out to other areas of the community next week.


We have created vanity URLs to make it easier to share the links. There are two for the Online Communities hub as there may be some confusion as some of our ids contain a hyphen:


We do already have some thoughts on other tweaks we can continue to make. We would love to hear your feedback on both the current layouts!


Thank you for your feedback. We hope to see these features enhance your experience on the Community.




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Trusted Contributor

 Awesome work @AndyK! Love it!