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Hello, I am a user of two communities of a large operator in France, my only small concern is that following the opening of a new mobile line automatically created a new account for me on both communities, the administrator tells me that the operator...
by Occasional Commentator BryanD Occasional Commentator in Li Discussions posted on 14 hours ago
Is there a way to schedule a report to email me on a daily basis?
by kanderson New Commentator in Li Discussions latest reply yesterday
Hi Community,I was curious to know if there was a way to identify topics in a Forum where new replies have been blocked as well as have an Accepted Solution. Right now, the Accepted Solution icon is the only one I see, which means that I have to go i...
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Li Discussions posted on yesterday
We need to replace one of our older APC rack-mount UPSes (nothing fancy, just a 3KVA), a simple battery replacement isn't enough anymore it seems. As we're looking into alternatives (others have recommended Eaton), I also wondered whether Li-ion base...
by Harshparker New Commentator in Li Discussions latest reply Thursday
I clicked on the Delivered status and sorted by New, and it seems to be in reverse chronological order: looks like the last implemented id...
by Trusted Contributor Trusted Contributor in Li Discussions latest reply Thursday

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