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What is Twitter for?

So I've been using Twitter for a bit now and I find it useful in many ways, but not yet compelling. There's lots of blogs and such out there proclaiming its virtues, but I'm interested to hear what th...
by Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired) latest reply ‎02-13-2009 02:17:00 PM
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May Someone get me Started Please

I love the way Lithium have your forums. I always post at the PlayStation community and I so love it.My question is if I want to create my own forum where do I et started? Do I have to pay anything? M...
by Tech-Enix New Commentator latest reply ‎01-26-2009 12:07:00 AM
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Reply by Email

I haven't done the demo for Lithium yet, however I have a question. Does the forum have a reply by email function? This allows someone that receives a notification of a new post to reply to that post ...
by nieman New Commentator latest reply ‎10-07-2008 06:38:29 PM
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