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Innovation Insider: Lithium Roadmap Webcast

Lithium Technologies BeckyS
Lithium Technologies

Join us for a live one-hour webcast led by our Product team, who will discuss what we’ve released this year, what’s coming for the rest of 2018 and beyond, and how you can benefit from key investments we’re making to our portfolio.

We’ll follow this discussion with a live 15-minute Q&A at the end, so please come prepared with any questions you might have!

We’re offering two sessions for this webcast, so please join the time that works best for you:

  • Wednesday, September 19th at 9AM PT / 12PM ET / 5PM BST
  • Thursday, September 20th at 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM BST


About the Author
Formerly known as "lolagoetz" on the community, I'm now a Sr. Solutions Architect with Lithium. I have well over a decade of community management experience and I love making connections between people, process, and technology. I started out in community as a hobby, and eventually turned it into a career thanks to a well-timed interaction on Twitter. Never ask me to sing, because I will do it at the drop of a hat (and much of the time, without being asked, too).