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What’s new on Lithosphere

What’s new on Lithosphere

This week, Lithium is rolling out a number of changes to our Lithium Community site.

The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve rebranded this site back to its original name: Lithosphere (for you old timers, welcome home). From now on, “Lithium Community” refers specifically to the Lithium Community Product.

Note: We will continue to roll out additional changes and enhancements to Lithosphere over the coming months. Stay tuned!

Big changes rolling out this week

We have re-organized the entire site to group content by product. Each Lithium product now has its own Product Hub:

Where to find product documentation

Release Notes, Product Ideas, and Documentation have been split up by product area and placed into into their own Blogs, Product Ideas, and Documentation TKBs in each of the relevant product pages (Lithium Community, Social Media Management, Lithium Messaging, and Lithium JX).

Important: We recommend reviewing all your blog, product ideas, and documentation TKB subscriptions so you keep getting notified about the content you’re most interested in.

The Developer Documentation Portal remains unchanged.

Where to find other key resources

We've got lots of other resources available as well!

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Well done @AndyK the new community design looks amazing!

This looks fantastic @AndyK and finally, we have the "Lithosphere" back!

It looks really great!  Question, though: previously some of the content was for customers only (eg customer connection & support forum). Is that content now public? I’m not seeing a difference in the hierarchy when I’m logged in vs not logged in (but I’m also on my phone and on vacation, so could easily be missing something!!)

 Following up on my earlier comment - Now that I'm on my laptop and not on vacation :-), I do see that there's a difference between the anonymous and logged-in-customer hierarchies. For example, the support forum is only visible to logged-in customers. HOWEVER - I'm curious what happened to the "Customer Connection" content which was previously customer-only. I don't see that board any more. @AndyK, perhaps you know?

Hi @CarolineS ,


You can find Customer Connection under the Litho Corner category.




 Ah ha! Thanks, @AndyK! Glad to hear it didn't get merged into a public forum without any notification :-)

That being said, @AndyK - I do find the distinction between Li Discussions, Strategy, Customer Connection, and Support a bit mystifying. :-)

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