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List of Lithosphere OOTB and Custom components

List of Lithosphere OOTB and Custom components

We get a lot of questions about whether specific Lithosphere components are available out-of-the-box (OOTB) or are customizations. Here' a list of the components we get questions about and whether they are available OOTB or via a Professional Services engagement.

List of Lithosphere page components

Home Page Notes Availability
Header  Flyout navigation menu, avatar messages, general navigation OOTB
Notification banner Custom (existed on old Lithosphere, too) Custom
Header  Search bar and Statistics OOTB
Header  Personalization, fixed background, carousel Custom, via PS engagement *
Wayfinding bar cc block hooked into settings list editor Custom, via PS engagement *
Activity feed Completely custom (part of Themes) Custom, via PS engagement *
Resources Custom module Custom development **
Featured posts Settings list editor Custom development **
Latest from lithium Settings list editor Custom, via PS engagement *
Welcome   OOTB
Community stats   Custom, via PS engagement *
Users online   Custom, via PS engagement *
Top Contributors   Custom development **
Header   Custom, via PS engagement *
Tiles   Custom, via PS engagement *
Tiles drop down   Not currently available
Category activity See homepage activity feed Custom development **
Filter   Custom, via PS engagement *
Follow button Bookmark that has some light customization Custom development **
Board feed   Custom
Tags   OOTB 
Leaderboard   OOTB 
Trending discussions   Custom (from Themes) 
Thread Help from PS Custom development **
Related Topics   Custom
 WYSIWYG Quick Reply   OOB, but requires extra styling 
Message editor Layout changes from OOTB 
All Blog pages and articles   Custom, via PS engagement *
Blog Page Article List   OOTB
Featured Article   OOTB
Labels   OOTB
Popular Articles   Custom (from Themes)
Related Articles    Custom (from Themes)
Follow and Filter See above Custom, via PS engagement *
Rest of TKB    OOTB
My Settings   OOTB
Layout, member profile, header   Custom, via PS engagement
Drafts   OOTB
Topics I participated   OOTB
Right rail   OOTB
Idea Exchange   OOTB
Contest   OOTB

* Custom, via PS: These items have been done by our professional services team on a number of occasions.

** Custom development: These were built specifically for Lithosphere. We are currently assessing  how to make these items more wildly available.

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