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Hello all,My team is looking for a way to identify the first time a user has logged into the Community after completing registration.I know you can see "Most Recent Signin", but that doesn't necessarily tell us if that was a user's first time logging...
by kullboys12 New Commentator in Li Discussions latest reply yesterday
Hi there, we are working with private boards to discuss some "special" topics with some users. We would like them to be subscribed to the whole board to get email notifications when we post something new.Can I add an (automated) subscription to the b...
by Valued Contributor Valued Contributor in Li Discussions latest reply yesterday
The Lithosphere: Through an Employee’s Eyes I have always been a fanatical user of message boards, with my deepest interest in them as an internet cultural fixture happening in the late 1990s. Taking a job with Lithium in late 2006 made perfect sense...
by Lithium Oracle Lithium Oracle in Lithium's View Blog latest reply Saturday
Can anyone advise on how to load an "example submission" for a contest? If I go to Admin > XX Contest > Discussion Styles > Contests, I see "Contest Home content" as an field, with the help text of "example content".How do I load an example image for...
by Advisor Advisor in Li Discussions latest reply Saturday
Hello, Google recently released microdata markup for Q&A type sites like the Lithium forums.Does Lithium already supports this or will it support it?Thanks.
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Li Discussions latest reply Friday
Happy 10th Anniversary, Lithosphere!
Welcome to the Lithosphere

Welcome to the Lithosphere!

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